About Jo

Welcome to Life In Focus Photography!


My name is Jo and I've been running this little business of mine over three years now.


I have 2 beautiful little girls who inspire me everyday to continue my passion for photography.

I've had a passion for photography for a long time. Ask any of my friends... my camera has always been in my hand! People just expect it now and have stopped asking if they have to have their photo taken again.

Capturing memories is just so important to me. Time goes so quickly and having photos to look back on the life we've lived is just so precious. Whether it's from a professional photographer, on your smart phone, or back in the days of film.. it doesn't matter... it's all special memories.

All my Grandparents passed away when I was young. Some of them I can only picture what they look like from the photos in my parents house. These photos create conversation about who they were, what they were like, what they did in life.... these photos keep them alive. 




My other passion is TRAVEL! I love to travel and have been to many beautiful and unique places around the world, met many new friends and shared these travel experiences with friends and family. I thought I'd share some of these wonderful places and experiences.  

I'm thankful for you all supporting my little business, but also for letting me be apart of creating these special memories of your beautiful families. 😍

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