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As you may know, I've recently started photographing Fresh 48 Session and I love them!

A Fresh 48 Session is completed while you are still in hospital and usually within the first 48hrs after the birth of your baby (or babies!). It's amazing to be able to capture some of those first moments you are spending with your new little baby.

Fresh 48 sessions are usually an alternative to a typical Studio Newborn Session. Some people prefer this as a more relaxed session type and while a new little baby is extra squishy!

Meet Jaegar! He was 36 hours old when I photographed him and his lovely parents Rory and Taylor.

Jaegar has had a rough start to life. A few days after these photos were taken he was re-admitted to hospital with an infection and was very unwell.

Taylor, Jaegar's Mum:

"My partner and I had Fresh 48 hour photos taken of our son Jaeger. We decided to get these photos to capture him at his newest and all the tiny details that would soon change. Babies grow so fast, it's great to have these photos to look back on. As it turned out, we were very grateful Jo took these photos. A few days after coming home Jaeger become ill and had to be re-admitted to hospital. His condition got worse, quickly. We were starting to worry we wouldn't be bringing our little boy home with us again. We are so grateful we had these photos taken, due to Jaeger being ill, we never got a chance to get any other newborn photos."

Thankfully Jaegar is now improving!

You can check out more of his session in this video. :)

Q: When is the best time to book a Fresh 48 Session?

A: As early as possible!

I only take a limited amount of Newborn and Fresh 48 Sessions each month to ensure that I have the availability to fit in everyone when needed. Especially seeing a newborn's arrival is so unpredictable!

If you would like to chat with me about what kind of session may suit your needs, you can reach me the following ways:




Phone: 0407 314 023

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